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Our Restaurant

Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare

Award-winning Italian Restaurant

in Tanjong Pagar

Continuing the legacy of award-winning years that Gattopardo has established, the energetic duo of "Gio & Ken" is carrying forward the Sicilian tradition at Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare since early 2019  at a charming pre-historic pre-war shophouse in the heart of the bustling Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood. At Gattopardo, experience the warmth of Sicilian hospitality. Our team has curated many experiences to remember, from personal to corporate. This is possible because our philosophy is simple – to fill our space with happy memories of our food.

Just like in Sicily.

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Food Philosophy

Seasonal seafood - Sicilian Style

Sicily cuisine is influenced by it's a deep-rooted history and culture, celebrating the multi-racial influences in Sicily from Greek, Spanish, French and Arabic. Sicily made up with multicultural background and food is more important than anything else, just like in Singapore!  


At Gattopardo, we focus on ingredients with simple cooking techniques, highlighting the main star of the dish - seasonal seafood. Enforcing our pledge to a sustainable path, we no longer serve a-la-carte menu. Our chefs curate a new degustation menu every fortnightly with natural ingredients, Sicilian superfoods and seasonal farmed seafood available for the season; transforming them into Sicilian style dishes such as our signature Salt Baked Fish, Arancini, Sicilian Red Prawns, Caponata, Busiate al Pesto Trapanese, Pasta ala Norma, Cannolo and many more. 


Good food does not have to be complicated. 

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Our Chefs

Chef Giovanni Mannino

Sicilian Chef-owner from a multi-generational family with a history in Sicilian/Italian cuisine, farming and agriculture. Growing up in the Sicilian village of Trapani, in his early years of life he was surrounded by artists and fishermen. He developed a strong passion for people, art and seafood.

His collaboration with Chef Lino Sauro started in 2014 creating healthy, seafood-based dishes for Gattopardo. He believes Sicilian cuisine, when properly promoted, has great potential around the world.

Giovanni's daily motto is “Be the best that you are and act as if what you do makes a difference.” He drives the team to create meaningful synergies among each other and with our guests. 

Chef Kenneth Oh Jun Meng

After graduating and working in Switzerland for a few years, Chef Kenneth returned to Singapore in 2011, where he felt that the food scene was gaining international recognition. He joined as Gattopardo's opening team in 2011. When Chef Giovanni Mannino joined the Gattopardo team in 2014, the duo gelled like oil and fire. Together they fuel the new Gattopardo team taking the passion for seafood and cooking, turning Gattopardo's guests to advocates one plate at a time. 

Chef Kenneth Oh has achieved enviable milestones in his culinary career. At the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence 2017, he was awarded the coveted “Rising Chef of the Year” title.  Prior to this in 2016 Kenneth was voted “Talk of The Town” at the DBS SAVOUR Live Your Dream competition.

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